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'Trails: Companion World' Pitch Document

Entry for D&AD 'New Blood' 2021

I participated in the D&AD New Blood Awards 2021 in a team with Nix Newton (instagram: @electracitynn) and Luke Trower

(instagram: @luke_tro), submitting a game pitch for the Rare brief which asked for a game that is a force for good. We focused on creating a cooperative, outdoor focused game that is particularly geared towards the visually impaired gaming community. 


I worked on establishing the environmental art visual style, prop art and the gameplay loop.

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Trails final pdf_Page_04.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_05.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_06.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_07.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_08.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_09.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_10.jpg
Trails final pdf_Page_11.jpg

Development work

project 1 D_AD sketchbook 36.jpg
project 1 D_AD sketchbook 15.jpg
project 1 D_AD sketchbook 20.jpg
project 1 D_AD sketchbook 24.jpg
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