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BTH School Nurse Campaign

Poster and Logo Design

I worked with the Patient Experience Officer for Children’s Community Services at Blackpool Teaching Hospital (NHS Foundation Trust) as a freelance designer to assist with their campaign to raise awareness for the services School Nurses have available in the area. The previous story of the brand was more aimed towards young children and they wished to re-brand to encompass children from primary school age up until Year 11. To that end, I designed a new logo for them to use on the School Nurse website as well as a poster that will be displayed at schools, featuring common questions students think about but are reluctant to ask due to the stigma around visiting the School Nurse. There are two version of the posters, tailored to be appropriate for different ages.

school nurse simple logo png.png
school nurse logo png.png
school nurse champion simple logo png.png
logo website.jpg
final poster design 3-2 - primary ver resize.jpg
final poster design 3-2 - secondary ver resize.jpg

Development work

logos using alegraya sans bold font.png
logos using skippy sharp font.png
logos V2 using skippy sharp font.png
logos using verveine font.png
logos using proxima nova bold font.png
logos V2 using proxima nova bold font.png
final poster design 1.png
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