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About Me

Part artist, part geologist.

I am a BA Graphic Communication and Illustration graduate, maintaining a deadline oriented and steady paced approach towards my design work. My current freelance work require a wide use of my skills; I have been doing logo design and poster illustrations in my partnership with the Patient Experience Officer for Children’s Community Services at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for the rebranding of the local School Nurse website and awareness campaign. Additionally, I have been doing logo design, character design and animation for the independent film production company Jack Films as they require a logo and vanity card. In my spare time I am building my concept art profile based on my own worldbuilding that I have used for a tabletop RPG campaign.

I also have a BSc Hons. Geology degree from the University of Manchester; I believe my background in science will aid in critical thinking and analysis of art concepts, culture and the latest trends in illustration.

The rest of my time is spent studying Japanese and Korean, creating music and keeping fit with Bharatanatyam.


Twitter: @_vishariya

Instagram: @_vishariya

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